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AlbagliZaliasnik and ChileDiseño delivered a series of lectures to graphic designers on how to protect their creative rights


  • These lectures were organized in collaboration with the School of Design of the Catholic University of Chile and are part of the partnership between AZ and ChileDiseño

A series of lectures on Intellectual Property were delivered by ChileDiseño and Albagli Zaliasnik throughout November and December. Their goal was to inform and train graphic designers and companies on the legal and administrative aspects of a design project in order to ensure the exclusivity of their products and creations.

This was made possible through the partnership between ChileDiseño and Albagli Zaliasnik enabling the law firm to provide legal support to the designers through sharing its knowledge base.

According to the Director of the Intellectual Property Group at Albagli Zaliasnik, Ariela Agosin, the legal team at AZ is committed to supporting and legally protecting innovation and design creations by offering their expertise on issues of trademark protection, patents, industrial design, domain names and Internet law, licensing, copyright and advertising law, among others.

She added that AZ is the only Chilean firm member of the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA) as a forerunner in the country on all aspects of national and international regulations of advertising, marketing, and promotions. It should also be noted that Ariela Agosin is the Regional President of GALA for the Americas.

Cristián Montegu, President of ChileDiseño, pointed out that this is an example of how two different institutions can come together and benefit from knowledge sharing of their respective fields of expertise.

 “How to Protect your Creativity”

The lectures under the unifying name “How to Protect your Creativity” took place in the School of Design of the Catholic University of Chile. Speaker at the first lecture, titled “Protection of the Physical Appearance of Products: Sketches and Industrial Design,” was Eugenio Gormáz, Attorney at Law from AlbagliZaliasnik. The main topic of the talk was the benefit of a patent registration for the protection of creations, the process of obtaining one at the National Industrial Property Institute (INAPI), civil actions and sanctions, etc.

The second lecture was presented by the lawyer from AZ, Oscar Molina, on “Commercial Trademarks and Domain Names” covering topics related to the registration of commercial trademarks, domain names and the process of dispute resolution, trade dress and unfair competition, among others.

The final talk from the series was held on December 9th. It was titled “Protection of Original Forms of Expression: Copyright and Related Issues” and delivered by Álvaro Lezama, Attorney from AZ. It elaborated on topics such as copyright and authorship of intellectual works, assignments and licensing, registration of intellectual property, criminal and civil actions, etc.