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AlbagliZaliasnik delivers a talk on Corporate Compliance


At a time where corruption cases are exploding in the country’s public agenda, it becomes essential for companies to adopt a preventative and systematic model of legal and regulatory risk management. This way, the partners, directors and senior management (Corporate Governance) of each company can strategically take an active management role and clearly know the rules and regulations that directly affect their activity.

Therefore, it will be possible to comply with the current regulations and its progressive changes. This will help prevent infringements and corporate fraud as sanctions that affect both the responsibility of individuals, and the value of the assets of the company, as explained by Rodrigo Albagli, Partner at AZ.

In order to analyze and elaborate on these related matters of great importance, on November 19th, AlbagliZaliasnik, along with the Chilean-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce held a talk on Corporate Criminal Liability.

“As part of AlbagliZaliasnik’s innovative nature, we pride ourselves on our focus and working structure that is based on prevention and management of legal and regulatory risk, thus revolutionizing the traditional way legal and compliance services are provided in Chile” explains Daniel Lopez, Director of the AZ Compliance Group.

 “AlbagliZaliasnik has a team specialized in these fields who are capable of covering all counseling needs, from prevention to management and defense of all types of actions. Our firm is structured to offer complete legal and strategic support, providing assistance with decision-making and helping define policies and strategies. This in turns adds significant value to the business.”

This event included the attendance of many important companies and AZ clients, such as the executive management of Chile Transparente. There were presentations given by some of AZ’s top lawyers (Jorge Arredondo, Director of Labor Group; Cesar Ramos, Senior Associate for Criminal Group and Daniel Lopez, Director of the AZ Compliance Group). The overall coordination was led by Patricia Mella, member of the AZ Compliance Group.

Given the importance of these matters, AZ is committed to providing ongoing training on issues of Corporate Compliance for their clients as well as other active participants in our economy.