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AZ News l AZ lawyers ranked as trademark leaders in the WTR 1000


The World Trademark Review (WTR 1000) Rank highlighted Albagli Zaliasnik as a legal firm, and in the individual categories, Ariela Agosin our Partner and Eugenio Gormaz Senior Associate, as the leaders in the area of trademark law in Chile.

This ranking is the only independent publication in the world specialized exclusively in the legal field of commercial trademarks and each year analyzes the best lawyers and firms engaged in this practice in 71 jurisdictions worldwide. The research is done through the compilation of opinions of hundreds of lawyers and clients involved in the area.

According to the review published by the WTR 1000 ranking, the AlbagliZaliasnik Intellectual Property group stands out in the tug of war of the litigation world which can be seen especially in the pharmaceutical environment and in the fight against counterfeiting, where AZ represents one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world. “They have cleared out the way for important seizures that have forged close relations with the customs authorities“, as noted in the guide.

In  regards to the AZ lawyers who lead the individual categories, it notes that “the dynamic Ariela Agosín coordinates the practice. She is a master of all trades of IP and an expert in several complementary areas, including advertising -Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance has selected her as its partner for Chile-“.

Regarding Senior associate, Eugenio Gormaz, who makes his debut this year in WTR 1000, the publication indicates that “he quickly understands what you want to achieve, embraces your goals and makes them his own. He promotes direct contact with customers, is always available and is quick to respond. He also has exceptional interpersonal skills”.

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