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AZ Welcomes Winners of the Peruvian Pro Bono Challenge


Law students from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru who won their country’s competition ”Pro Bono Challenge 2014”, Emilio Minaya and Renzo Quijano, visited AlbagliZaliasnik to exchange experience and share knowledge about  various initiatives in Chile.

According to Daniela Hirsch, Director of the Pro Bono Group at AZ, “AlbagliZaliasnik has participated in the Pro Bono Challenge since its inception. This breakfast for the law students from Peru and law firms involved in the competition shows our dedication to this kind of initiatives and is an integral part of the Pro Bono policy of our firm.”

The project presented by the students is titled “Comprehensive Counseling Program for the Families of Teenagers in the Juvenile Correction Center of Lima” and was sponsored by the law firm of Benites, Forno & Ugaz.

For Emilio Minaya, a student in his 5th year of law school at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, this activity was very rewarding “as it helped us realize that similar needs exist in both of our countries causing us the constant urge to contribute to improving the access to justice. There is still a long way to go before reaching that goal and events like this one are important in order to give and receive feedback, establish a network of contacts and get motivated to work even harder towards what one believes in.”

Ignacio Obando, Coordinator of the Pro Bono Challenge of the Foundation of the same name, said that this trip is part of the reward for the Peruvian students as well as a step towards the internationalization of the competition and the expansion of the Pro Bono Alliance. The Alliance currently has as members other countries from the region, such as Peru, Argentina, Colombia, etc.