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Pro Bono Challenge Winners supported by Albagli Zaliasnik are recognized during the Foundation’s anniversary


On the 15 year anniversary of the Pro Bono Foundation, the winning projects of the “Pro Bono Challenge 2015” were recognized along with the corresponding law firms that supported the implementation of the initiatives.

Wednesday, October 14th marked the 15 year anniversary celebration of the Pro Bono Foundation – a nonprofit organization that works to promote access to justice. Alongside Albagli Zaliasnik, three law students from the University of Chile, Belén Thomsen, Julio Cifuentes, and Pablo Rencoret, were selected as the winners of the Pro Bono Challenge under the “Organizados Ganamos Todos” project. The project’s aim sought to promote the formalization of the joint ownership of four communities in social housing blocks in the San Bernardo area.

Daniela Hirsch, attorney and director of Pro Bono projects at Albagli Zaliasnik, received recognition as the representative of the Firm and noted that it was an interesting experience supporting the students, given that this particular Pro Bono project had a very powerful direct impact on the involved communities and the changes that resulted for the families of San Bernardo.

Pablo Rencoret, one of the students who led the “Organizados Ganamos Todos” project, acknowledged that working with vulnerable communities and helping them to organize and apply for government benefits was a very valuable experience. Furthermore, he was grateful for the support they received from Albagli Zaliasnik, who advised them throughout the process and implementation of the Pro Bono Challenge.

It is important to mention that the Albagli Zaliasnik attorneys who took part in the Pro Bono Challenge for the last five months are Cristina Santibáñez, Jorge Arredondo y Sebastián Becker.

Pro Bono Challenge

The Pro Bono Challenge is an initiative which looks to encourage the development of university projects that facilitate access to justice for vulnerable groups and spread the practice of legal volunteers. They seek to develop activities such as legal advice, legal awareness, consulting in legal and administrative procedures, assessment, among other solutions to contribute to the community and strengthen the vocation of students. In addition, the implementation of the projects is supported by a leading law firm.