AZ External Legal Counsel

We operate just like a management
team within your company.

At AZ we created the AZ External Legal Counsel (elc), an innovative tool reflecting our hands-on and full-service style. This unique service offered by Albagli Zaliasnik arose from an unresolved need the market was facing and essentially consists on working just like one more management team within the company, externally inserting our legal team. Through this service we can manage, articulate and resolve all legal and regulatory needs each company requires, in relation to the stage they’re in and the industry in which they participate.

This unique and efficient work model adapts to the type of client, allowing us to monitor the company’s internal activities and provide legal solutions more efficiently with shorter response times.

Companies permanently interact with clients, suppliers, competitors, and regulatory entities. During each of these interactions, different needs and contingencies arise, which the AZ External Legal Counsel is capable of actively solving. We work directly with senior management, from handling recurring activities inherent to the company’s line of business, all the way to looking at strategic aspects that companies must face from time to time.

This model incorporates management control tools such as corporate and regulatory compliance, preventive due diligence, executive summaries of contracts with contingency analysis, and consolidated reports.

The AZ External Legal Counsel allows companies to:

Reduce Costs
Optimize Processes
Improve communication between management teams
Streamline response times
Effectively adopt the legal industry’s best practices