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We accompany our clients strongly in defense of their interests to ensure effective results.

AZ is a Full Service Firm with services that expand globally in all legal areas. Our professional team is innovative, has the recognized expertise, and possesses a full understanding of each client’s industry sector.

We anticipate and adapt to the client’s needs and add value to each business. By skillfully combining preventative measures with a strong offensive strategy, we are able to develop effective solutions for our clients.

Our international network enables us to support and defend our client’s interests in other regions and jurisdictions with the same vigor and aptitude.


Experience and skills to handle complex litigation

Intellectual and Industrial Property

Global coverage of services


Adding value to our client’s business


Litigation matters are at the heart of AZ. The successful outcome of some of the most complex litigation cases has defined us as one of the leading litigation firms in the country.

Our profound experience, legal knowledge, preparation, and unique abilities characterize our legal team as a force to be reckoned with when defending our clients. We operate with great competence and skill in all areas of litigation, whether it is civil, criminal, commercial, employment, or tax causes. Our specialized industries and areas consist of Antitrust, Finance, Intellectual Property, Constitutional, Environmental, and all forms of regulatory proceedings.
We act with the same force and conviction in the field of alternative dispute resolution, negotiation and arbitration.
Antitrust, Unfair Competition and Administrative law
Employment Litigation
White Collar Crime
Tax Litigation
Civil and Commercial Litigation
National and International Arbitration
Criminal Litigation
Class Action and Consumer Protection
Director of Litigation Team
Gabriel Zaliasnik
Founding Partner
Director of Litigation Team
Ariela Agosin

Intellectual and Industrial Property

AZ is one of the top tier firms for Intellectual and Industrial Property in Chile, formed by a team of lawyers as well as determined professionals and technicians who are committed to promoting and protecting innovation.

AZ offers world class Intellectual and Industrial Property services across a broad spectrum of industries. By tactfully combining our technical knowledge with the vast experience of our team, we are able to identify and implement intelligent solutions for all our clients. Our deep knowledge of our clients industries, paired with our exceptional team allows us to anticipate any issues that may arise during the development or activity within the businesses of our clients. This in turn, gives us the ability to avoid any potential road blocks for our clients and the evolution of their brand protection.
AZ is the only Chilean Firm associated with the Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA), an organization that is at the forefront in Advertising Law. Through this alliance, we have excelled and become leaders in all aspects of national and international regulations that impact marketing and advertising.
Copyright, Industrial Design, Trademarks and patents
Digital Marketing, Internet, domain names and Social Media
Advertising Law
Licenses and Franchising
Transfer of Technology
Due Diligence & Corporate Compliance
Intellectual and Industrial Property Group Director
Rodrigo Albagli
Founding Partner
Intellectual and Industrial Property Group Director
Eugenio Gormáz

Business and Corporate Law

At AZ our team has highly proven experience in the world of national and international business. We actively collaborate in advising our clients, by helping them through each stage of the growth and development of their company.

Our focus is to achieve the business goals of our clients and to prevent legal and regulatory risk management. We have a profound understanding of the business environment of our clients, making us experts in each particular industry sector.
We are passionate about learning and becoming experts in the business of our clients. As a result, we collaborate with our clients and together create positive results, taking into account prevention of legal and regulatory risk management. At the same time, with great creativity and dedication, we defend our client’s interests whenever it is considered necessary.
Start Up
We provide guidance and a vision to transform an idea into a business
Family Business
We plan in order to ensure the company’s success and continuity
Legal Management
We add value for more efficient company management
AZ External Legal Management
Corporate Group Director
Rodrigo Albagli
Founding Partner
Corporate Group Director
Alvaro Rosenblut