Scope of the new Opportunities Visa

On August 1st, 2018 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Official Notice #210 which concerns the terms and conditions for granting the new visa, specifically named the “visa of opportunities”. This Official Notice comes just months after the new immigration regulations came into effect in April, 2018. This notice establishes the new requirements that immigrants […]


Tax Reform: First Presidential Announcement

On Tuesday evening, the President of the Republic of Chile made the first official announcement about the much-anticipated tax reform, which he described as “modernization”. The President announced the main principles, objectives, and content of this reform. The aim is to simplify the currently complex taxation system, incorporate new rules to provide incentives to invest […]


The current state of Negotiating Groups under the new labor reform

The new labor reform bill tried to eliminate the ability of groups of employees gathering together only to negotiate, instead of going through a formal union. This would give the group of employees the ability to collectively bargain exclusively without the union. This act only occurs in companies where there are no formal unions in […]


Labor Directorate reconsiders the doctrine regarding the application of the so-called “historical benefits”

One of the substantive changes brought on by law 20.940 (colloquially known as Labor Reform) was the abolition of the employer’s ability to provide, to non-union workers, the benefits given to them collectively held with a union. Under the new regulatory framework for providing benefits to non-union workers, the law establishes the following requirements: It […]


What does the bill that creates the Statute of Employment for students contain?

On July 12th, 2018 the Chilean House of Representatives approved a bill that would create an employment statute for people ages 18-28 years old who are studying or in the process of obtaining their degree which would allow them to be able to work while still adhering to their academic obligations. The idea behind this […]


Personal data protection is a constitutional right in Chile

On June 16, Law No. 21.096 amending the Chilean Constitution was published, thus establishing the protection of personal data as a constitutional right. Through this amendment, personal data protection was established as an autonomous right, but related to the right to privacy found in the same Article 19, N° 4 of our Constitution. By doing […]