Energy, Projects and Sustainability

In the search for a more sustainable world, we at az understand and empathize with the challenges faced by productive groups in meeting their objectives, seeking a balance between economic, social, and environmental dimensions.

Our Energy, Projects and Sustainability area offers a comprehensive service to customers, considering the new and complex challenges around climate change that are part of the current agenda: commitment to reducing emissions, use of clean energy and renewable technologies, development and operational limitations; energy efficiency, urban and construction planning restrictions; circular economy, and many others.

In increasingly regulated markets, at az, we seek to be relentless guardians of our clients’ interests, delivering a service of high strategic value, based on a deep understanding of their business cycle, as well as the variables that are at stake.


• Regulatory Compliance
• Agricultural Law
• Water Resources Law
• Energy
• Renewable Energy
• Gas and Fuels
• Mining
• Projects
• Natural Resources
• Waste
• Land Use

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Director of the Public Law and Regulated Markets Group

Antonio Rubilar

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