America Retail | Albagli Zaliasnik presents ‘Anti-Corruption Benchmarking Guide’ with leading regional firms

May 24, 2023

Albagli Zaliasnik (az), in collaboration with renowned firms in the region, has developed a valuable tool called “Comparative Guide on Anti-Corruption”. This comprehensive document brings together relevant and up-to-date information on the state of progress in the fight against corruption in various countries, including Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Central America, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, the United States and Colombia. This guide is an indispensable resource for understanding and effectively addressing corruption-related challenges in the region.

According to Francisca Franzani, Compliance Director of Albagli Zaliasnik (az), “the guide is a relevant input to comply with regulations, protect the reputation of companies, improve competitiveness and reduce associated risks. We consider it key to have up-to-date information from different jurisdictions. This becomes a competitive advantage that we make available to the Compliance Latam platform”.

Albagli Zaliasnik carried out the guide together with different associated firms in the region: Basham, Beccar Varela, BLP, Bustamante Fabara, CPB Abogados, Ferrere, Miller & Chevalier and Posse Herrera Ruiz.

Regarding the results by country, Francisca Franzani highlighted that “there is a significant improvement in the interest in the prosecution of corruption in the region, given the serious cases that have occurred in Latin America. At the country level, all countries are very concerned, notwithstanding the fact that they have different legislations. Some have framework laws, others have many laws and others have criminal and corporate sanctions. However, although there are different types of legislation, in the end they all have the same common objective, which is to prosecute corruption and punish it”.

Download the Comparative Anti-Corruption Guide here.

Source: America Retail, May 24, 2023.

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