AZ Compliance

A unique model based on prevention

In today’s world, legal risks are increasingly
more difficult to identify, assess and prevent.

At AZ we’ve redefined legal services in Chile, creating a unique and efficient model: AZ Compliance, a different way of developing precise solutions under a comprehensive outlook for each stage of your company, whether it’s a Start Up, Family Business or Legal Management.

AZ Compliance is a preventive and systematic model for managing legal and regulatory risks, responding to current needs, where the strategy for each company, its partners, directors, and senior management (Corporate Governance) is to adopt an active management,

and be clearly informed of rules and regulations that directly or indirectly impact their activities. In this way, we are able to comply with current regulations and their progressive changes, which in turns give us the opportunity to prevent breaches and sanctions that will affect both the liability of persons and the value of a company’s assets.

Focus and work structure based on preventing legal and regulatory risk management, innovating in the traditional manner in which legal services are rendered in Chile.

Prevention and Legal Risk Management – We anticipate changes to face the future more competitively and to be better informed.

Innovation – We guarantee optimum results with unique solutions that respond to different needs.

Comprehensive Outlook – We are a full-service Firm, providing solutions to all legal requirements.