We have professionals with experience in various disciplines, who provide permanent support to the legal team.

Angélica Ortega

Legal Assistant IP, Tech and Data Group

Benjamin Rojas

Content and Digital Analyst

Boris Hidalgo

Administration and Finance Manager

Cristina Gamper

Operations Manager

Elizabeth Gálvez

Operations | Invoicing Management

Fernando Marschhausen

Legal Assistant IP, Tech and Data Group

Gladys Sagristá

Administrative Assistant

Javiera Núñez

Creative and Branding Coordinator

Gelsy De Rienzo

Accounting analyst

José Antonio García

Business Strategy Director

Karla Durán

Marketing and Communications Director

Lorena Caro

Directora Administrativa Grupo IP, Tech and Data

María Eugenia Sanhueza

Legal Assistant IP, Tech and Data Group

Nury Benavides

Legal Assistant Litigation Group

Marta Pozo

General Accountant

Luis Montecinos

IP Administrative

Stephany Jaramillo

Legal Assistant

Pedro Ferreira

Operations | Collection Management

Yelitza García

Accounting Assistant

Félix Rivero

Parelegal | IP, Tech and Data

Joaquin Lagos

Senior Paralegal | IP, Tech and Data

Marjorie Castillo

Human Capital

Ricardo Araus


Marta Matamala

Maintenance and cleaning personnel

Marta Díaz

Maintenance and cleaning personnel

Ignacia Suárez

Designer, Marketing and Communications

Priscila Díaz

Assistant, Marketing and Communications

Pía Arias

Operations Assistant