az becomes a member of Americas Business Dialogue

Feb 6, 2023

ABD is a private sector-led initiative facilitated by the Inter-American Development Bank.

az | albagli zaliasnik announces its incorporation as a member firm of the Americas Business Dialogue (ABD), an institution that seeks to encourage policies that promote development and sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the region.

As a result, az and ABD will seek to contribute to a business environment that fosters innovation and generates greater investment. In this way, they will play a fundamental role as a consultation mechanism between the public and private sectors.

It is important to highlight that our Firm will contribute, from the experience of the legal team, particularly in the trade and economy group, where our az Tech Director, Gonzalo Navarro, has already held the position of Chair in the past.

In this regard, Gonzalo Navarro states that “we are very pleased to join as members of the Americas Business Dialogue of the IDB. This instance is a fundamental catalyst for the development of the region, creating an effective link between the public and private sectors“.

ABD emerged as a result of the First Business Summit of the Americas, held in 2012 in Cartagena, Colombia. It currently represents more than 400 companies and organizations from diverse industries and with operations in all countries of the continent.

We invite you to learn more about ABD here.

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