Idealex | New developments (and conflicts) in Latin American arbitration

Feb 6, 2023

Josefina Silva, an associate in az’s civil litigation and arbitration group and a member of the Santiago Very Young Arbitration Practitioners (SVYAP) network, highlights CAM Santiago’s use of young arbitrators to lower the costs of arbitrations between real estate companies and individuals, which can be very costly for the latter.

She also assures that a balance has been achieved between face-to-face and virtual activities, the latter experience having been particularly developed during the pandemic years, which has been a benefit for this specialty.

A practice has been consolidated that has made arbitration more efficient, which consists of having face-to-face hearings for situations where presence is very important, such as testimony or acquittals of positions, while the telematic system is used for hearings and formalities, which has greatly alleviated the day-to-day management” she says.

In addition, she anticipates that investment arbitration will be strongly positioned by 2023 in Chile, as a result of the new constitutional debate in the country and the level of confidence that investors have towards this process, which, if it generates uncertainties, could increase the number of arbitration proceedings.

Source: Idealex, January 23, 2023.

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