New Partners in Albagli Zaliasnik

With the aim of strengthening our professional development process as well as our firm’s practice areas, we are pleased to announce that Albagli Zaliasnik has appointed two new partners: Cristián Riquelme and Daniel López.

Both have distinguished track records in their areas of expertise – Corporate and Regular Law – and have assumed integral roles in important cases and procedures.

Cristián Riquelme, lawyer from University of Chile. Since his incorporation to the Firm in 2000, he has developed extensive experience in banking and financial matters, corporate matters, acquisitions, immigration, insolvency and corporate reorganization, among others.

Given his knowledge and experience in banking and financial matters and the counsel he provides to clients in this field, he actively participates as a member of the legal committee of the Association of Banks and Financial Institutions.

Daniel López, lawyer from University of Chile. After working as a paralegal in the firm between 2004 and 2005, it was not until 2010 that he became permanently integrated. He has focused his professional work on issues relating to regulated markets, free competition and public economic law.

He has participated in a series of economic litigations, as well as in processes involving the development of complex markets, such as securities, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications.