Business and human rights

At az, we know that companies are very important social actors and create a positive impact on society. Therefore, we approach them from a perspective of sustainability and human rights, understanding that the latter is essential to consider for companies in today’s world.

At az, we analyze and implement due diligence processes to detect possible contingencies in the company, designing protocols and internal regulations to collaboratively implement a corporate culture that fully respects the rights of each employee.

Likewise, we develop codes of ethics that help guide the work of the company, setting its values, strategic objectives and regulated content, from a multidisciplinary approach. This gives us a comprehensive view of the business, thereby addressing corporate, compliance, regulatory, and labor law aspects.


• Compliance
• Code of ethics
• Due diligence
• Internal protocols

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Compliance Group Director

Francisca Franzani

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Rodrigo Albagli

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