Business restructuring and insolvency

At az, we have a broad and extensive legal practice in cases of insolvency, liquidations, reorganizations, and business restructurings (judicial and extrajudicial). We have a wealth of experience representing both debtors and creditors in various industries through these processes.

We provide our services locally, domestically and internationally – specifically in cross-border insolvency proceedings with effects in Chile – and we do so with lawyers who are experts in litigation, corporate law, complex commercial transactions, financing, and debt restructuring. Thanks to this synergy, we achieve creative solutions with a strategic vision, successfully reaching settlements and judicial reorganization agreements.

In the event that the characteristics of the operation require specialists in other fields, we also have an interdisciplinary team of lawyers specialized in all areas of law.


• Revocatory actions
• US law Chapter 11
• Civil and commercial disputes
• Debt issuance
• Syndicated and structured financing
• Insolvency
• Liquidation and reorganization
• Corporate litigation
• Corporate disputes
• Financial litigation
• Entrepreneurial restart
• Debt restructuring
• Business reorganization
• Debt restructuring and insolvency
• Debt rescheduling

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