az’s labor area has extensive professional experience supporting all types of companies in their needs related to hiring processes, compensation, termination of employment, subcontracting, labor due diligence, corporate policies, and collective bargaining processes.

We have a preventive work methodology, focused on diagnosing, reporting, and solving the particular problems of each client, in order to apply the required legal defenses.

Likewise, our academic work, along with active collaboration with industries from various sectors, gives us a thorough understanding of new challenges in labor regulation, constituting added value when anticipating risks and delivering solutions that are innovative and consistent with the requirements of our clients.


• Corporate labor advice
• Mergers and acquisitions processes and their labor implications
• Remuneration and benefits structures
• Labor compliance
• Outsourcing of services and subcontracting
• Collective bargaining
• Labor litigation

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Jorge Arredondo
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Senior Associate

Jocelyn Aros
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