Preventive Counsel on Antitrust

Competition law is a critical issue for organizations, because its operation requires a deep understanding of both antitrust regulations and the way in which companies do business within the markets where they operate.

az has extensive experience in this matter, advising public and private companies in a preventive manner, before the administrative and jurisdictional authorities that intervene in the antitrust environment in Chile.

Our multidisciplinary team covers all areas of antitrust legislation, combining solid economic, regulatory and legal knowledge, with a strong focus on achieving our clients’ business objectives, while strictly adhering to antitrust regulations.

In parallel to their professional practice, our lawyers are involved in academic activities related to the world of competition law, which implies constant updating in order to always be at the leading edge of knowledge in these matters.


• Counsel, business strategy design, and review of contracts and other legal instruments with a focus on antitrust.
• Design, implementation, and review of specialized antitrust compliance programs.
• Advice to trade associations in the design and implementation of compliance policies regarding antitrust.
• Preliminary legal and economic evaluation of potential consolidation procedures.
• Preparation, strategy design, and counsel on preventive control processes of consolidation procedures.
• Specialized counsel and follow-up to the development of market studies by the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office (FNE,
• Drafting of legal reports and opinions on antitrust.

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