Webinar: New Economic Crimes Law: A Practical Approach for Companies with Operations in Chile

The webinar was held on Wednesday, August 23rd through the Zoom platform.

We invite you to relive the webinar “New Economic Crimes Law: A practical approach for companies with operations in Chile“, organized by az | albagli zaliasnik with the support of the Compliance Latam platform.

The Economic Crimes Law implies the inclusion of more than 200 crimes to Article 1° of Law No. 20.393 on Criminal Liability of Legal Entities.

The scenario faced by companies in Chile is complex. They will have to review all the activities related to their line of business and determine the existence of one or more risks of the commission of this new catalog of crimes, in order to mitigate them in time and in an adequate manner.

During the event, associates Jaime Viveros (Compliance Group) and Daniela Castillo (Criminal Group) will address the most relevant aspects for companies.

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