Gabriel Zaliasnik took office as counselor of the Colegio de Abogados

Aug 9, 2023

The nine board members who were selected in the process at the end of June took office.

Nine councilors officially joined the Bar Association Council, after their election last June. In this instance, it was also decided -by 11 votes- that the current president and vice-president, Ramiro Mendoza and Soledad Recabarren, will remain in office.

The new board members

Of the almost 13,000 votes received during the last election process, half went to “Nuestro Gremio” (Our Guild). As a result, of the nine councilors elected – out of the 19 that make up the Council – five correspond to this list: in addition to Vergara, lawyers Loreto Ried, Gabriel Zaliasnik, Rodrigo Ochagavía and Marcela Achurra also joined the list. Both the latter and Vergara were reelected.

Elisa Walker and Matías Insunza, from the “Libertades Públicas” list -with ties to the center-left-, and Macarena Carvallo and Rafael Ferrada, from “Todos y Todas por un Estado social y democrático de Derecho” -an alliance between the Socialist Party (PS) and Apruebo Dignidad- were also reelected. Only Ferrada (PS) is a new name, since the rest were running for reelection.

For this occasion, the parity rule for candidates and elected officials, provisionally established in 2019, was renewed.

Source: El Mercurio Legal, August 07, 2023.

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