In terms of compliance, in recent years, various players within society have increased their need for legal risk management systems that make it possible to avoid contingencies that impact their reputation and assets.

This, along with Law №. 20,983 and its reforms, has meant that there are more and more industries and organizations in Chile that include compliance plans within their procedures for handling infractions.

In this scenario, az’s Compliance team provides extensive experience advising companies, at a domestic and international level, in their risk matrix survey and design processes as well as in the creation and implementation of all policies, protocols and internal regulations required by the execution of a comprehensive compliance program within their organizations.

Additionally, our services include complete counsel on the creation of prevention models for the Financial Analysis Unit, as well as National Consumer Service ( and antitrust compliance plans, among others.


• Codes of ethics
• Corporate compliance
• Labor compliance
• Antitrust compliance
• Regulatory compliance
• Corporate culture
• Due diligence
• Risk management
• Corporate governance
• Financial Analysis Unit (UAF) Prevention Manual
• SERNAC Compliance Plan
• Criminal liability of legal persons

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Francisca Franzani

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Florencia Fuentealba

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