az in the Press | Scope and critical aspects of the new Economic Crimes Law

Jul 21, 2023

We invite you to review the latest press appearances of our team on the occasion of the early enactment of the Economic Crimes Law.

In the coming weeks, the President of the Republic should enact the law on economic crimes, an initiative that incorporates new types of crimes that affect companies and individuals.

In this sense, a general compliance program will not be enough, organizations will have to identify risks of different criminal types according to the new crimes that will be incorporated.

In this context, we invite you to review the latest statements and reflections in the media of our partner Gabriel Zaliasnik and director of energy and natural resources, Alejandro Montt.

The experts addressed the legal and regulatory implications of this complex scenario that presents substantial and profound changes in our legal system.

Diario Financiero | Column by Alejandro Montt | Law on economic crimes and environmental impact [See here].

La Tercera | News | Gabriel Zaliasnik: “Sooner rather than later the mistakes will have to be corrected” [See here].

Diario Financiero | Interview to Gabriel Zaliasnik | Economic crimes in the TC [See here].

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