az participated in the study “Happiness Research For Lawyers”

Feb 1, 2024

The results of the study “Happiness Research For Lawyers”, in which we participated along with 14 other firms and more than 500 professionals in the sector, are now available.

Happy, but with flanks that interfere with this state in the work context, such as the lack of balance with personal life. This is part of what warns the study “Happiness Research for Lawyers”, conducted by the consulting firms Wink Consulting and Idealis Legal Recruitment, which systematized the results of a survey designed for the local legal industry, allowing -among other aspects- to measure the happiness of lawyers in their workplace.

The study, which involved a representative sample of 500 lawyers from 15 law firms, was based on 11 key aspects to measure the organizational climate of each firm: culture, team, leadership, clients, recognition/motivation, professional development, talent, well-being, balance, inclusion and organization.

First of all, almost 70% of the lawyers surveyed said they were happy in their respective law firms.

When it came to training, in the “Professional Development” category, 86% of the lawyers mentioned that they did not feel prepared to practice before entering the working world, however, they acknowledged that they were supported by their offices to make up for that deficit.

In addition, it also revealed the relevance of co-workers in that “school”: 90% of respondents acknowledged having opportunities to learn from their peers and 86% responded that they learn from partners.

The study also showed that 70% of the lawyers see possibilities of promotion in their work, with very good projection, which is a very important factor when it comes to retaining talent.

Complete article available in Diario Financiero, february 1st. [See here]

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