Diario Financiero | Mandatory breastfeeding room? Minsal seeks to modify basic conditions in workplaces

Jan 19, 2023

In the item regulating locker rooms and canteens in workplaces, the draft incorporates a new subject: the breastfeeding room.

The Ministry of Health’s public consultation on the “Proposed Update, D.S. 594 Regulation on Basic Sanitary and Environmental Conditions in Workplaces” will be open until April 16.

This is a consultation that seeks to analyze and discuss changes to a regulation that has been in application for 18 years.

The Ministry of Health proposed to make a technical review of this regulation, especially in the field of occupational hygiene, with the purpose of incorporating technological and scientific advances and deliver a document that allows to protect the safety and health of the working population of our country“, says the presentation of the consultation that was published last January 5.

Our partner in the Labor group, Jorge Arredondo, states that “Issues such as a breastfeeding room have been raised and agreed in collective instruments. It seems to me a relevant and substantive advance to talk about the world of work where the person, the male and female worker, have an individuality beyond just fulfilling their responsibilities and functions“.

Source: Diario Financiero, January 17, 2023.

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