Leading women in the legal industry gathered at az’s first event of the year

Jan 22, 2024

Around 180 professionals from various business groups dressed up to share and reflect on the problems and challenges they face in the future.

The lawyers and legal managers gathered at the W Hotel on thursday, january 11, to celebrate the event entitled: “Welcome 2024: 366 new opportunities“.

Our first event of the year could not have started any other way in albagli zaliasnik (az), this had the outstanding participation of the professionals belonging to the Lawyers In House Chile network, who reflected on the promotion of leadership in strategic decision-making positions.

During the event our partners Rodrigo Albagli and Ariela Agosin shared some thoughts and welcomed the attendees addressing the importance of good practices and innovation in the sector.

Sharoni Rosenberg, recognized in Chile for her work on the development of purpose, was the main speaker of the day. The expert shared her experience and knowledge, highlighting the importance of making a significant impact in the legal field.

The event reflects the passion we share for innovation, the growth of our work teams and the promotion of best practices. Innovation is an essential part of our DNA and we firmly believe that it is up to everyone to open the discussion on the new trends and challenges we face,” Rodrigo commented on the participation.

Ariela, in the same vein, emphasized the interest that exists in uniting synergies and promoting crucial issues for the development of the sector. And she added“ “This event invites us to remember the importance of joint growth and that every day we can grow and highlight the achievements of our colleagues. In 2024, we will face great challenges, explore new frontiers and take every opportunity to advance together with the talented professionals who are present today”.

Abogadas In House Chile was founded in 2022, it is an organization that has more than 600 lawyers belonging to various industries, both national and multinational, public and private companies.

The organization aims to contribute to the continuous improvement of the professional development of women in the field of law, promoting their visibility and participation in leadership roles.

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